January's winter storms turned the Timber Rock community into a Winter Wonderland.

Some of the new models being built in The Trails subdivision (January 2019).

Then, in early February, construction crews finished the installation of Timber Rock's utilities, finally raising the community to full power status.  Since then, our building team has been hard at work, skillfully preserving through the final stretch of this unrelenting winter season.


Now that spring is (thankfully) upon us, we anticipate many good things to come within the next few months as the weather improves.  We're especially looking forward to the:


• Opening of the new sales office by April 27th, which will be located within a  model home.

• Installation of city sidewalks.

• Start of construction on the Timber Rock Amenity Center


• Continued construction on over 25 new homes, including models, specs, and build jobs.

• Completion of several model homes in The Trails subdivision.  Several of these models are expected to be prepped and ready for walk-throughs by the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes that begins on April 27th and runs through May 12th.  (More information will be announced soon.)

•  Installation and unveiling of Timber Rock's entry ways, monuments, and signs.

Rendering of the new Timber Rock monument sign (design by Epic Landscape Productions)​

In short, as the weather gets warmer and becomes more cooperative, we expect all on-site construction to ramp up.  New homes, build sites, and other community features will be popping up all over the place by this summer!


In the meantime, here are some photos of our most recent progress, as well as a "snow tour" video around the Timber Rock property from back in January:

"Model Row" in The Trails subdivision (late February 2019).

Timber Rock's Current Available Inventory


Currently, we have seven spec homes available for purchase in The Trails subdivision.  You can view the most current listings on  or on .

Also, as of right now, buyers can still choose their finishes, but time is quickly running out!  So, if you're interested in purchasing one of these beautiful homes with the finishes of your choice, please contact our agents today* or send an email to  as soon as possible.


Interactive Plat Map


To see what lots are currently available in both The Trails and The Bluffs subdivisions, as well as the locations of our new model and spec homes, check out our interaction plat map:

Timber Rock Development Update

– March 2019​